My best inspiration is from the great Creator himself. Every picture I create comes from God as my source.

Bonnie Joy Kelley

Artist, Writer, Teacher

 Married 50+ years to the love of my life, mother of 3 beautiful daughters who’ve blessed us with the best son in laws, 7 grandchildren and 2 great-grandchildren.


“It’s my passion to create art that touch’s hearts with meaning and inspires faith in God.”

No doubt talent is a gift. Whether it be numbers and math like my husband or thinking and creating outside the box, I have managed to make it work with decades of practice.

Born into a family of artisans of every sort on my mother’s side, I was blessed with natural talent. It wasn’t until high school that an Art teacher, who greatly influenced me, saw my potential and introduced me to many forms of art.

From 20 years of portraits to Architectural drawings and home portraits, I finally found the most joy in painting behind a speaker in foreign countries.  As they say, “a picture speaks in every language”.  

Founder and Director of The Bonfire Ministries

After moving to Sarasota, Florida I started with a small group of 5 friends that soon grew into 70 plus ladies from various area churches. We’ve gathered together every Tuesday morning for over 10 years now. It is the joy of my life to teach everything I’ve learned by heart from 50 plus years experiencing the Word of God. I literally watch lives change, as I teach along with my friend, Jennifer Nock and multiple guest speakers.

You’re invited to come worship with us any Tuesday, 10a-noon.